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Hongwell Die-cast in 1/43rd and 1/72nd
The Chinese company Hongwell offered both a 1/72nd and a 1/43rd scale VehiCROSS under several different marquees and company names (the most well-known for Schuco for the European market and Cararama in Asia). Hongwell creats some of the best scale models out there and both of these scale VXes are no exception (FYI, 1/43rd scale is "O" scale while 1/72nd is "HO" - typical sizes for model trains). The 1/43rd model is one of my favorites, feature opening doors and a more detailed interior. I started seeing these in a handful of colors: dark red, orange red, yellow, silver, blue and most recently purple (seems to be a new color). I've come across several vox variations - I'll include them as I purchase them.
Click for Details Hongwell Cararama 1/43rd - Blue
For some reason the Blue 1/43rd scale seems to be the most common color. The first set of these I was able to find included yellow, blue and orange-red. I believe Dark red, silver and blue were the first colors available, as these are actual Japanese VX colors.
Click for Details Hongwell Cararama 1/43rd - Orange Red
Orange Red variation. If you have the chance to actually examine this color, make sure you check over the paint quality before buying - I've seen several that had paint inperfections.
Click for Details Hongwell Cararama 1/43rd - Yellow
Yellow variation - my particular favorite as it approximately matches the Proton paint of my VehiCROSS.
Click for Details Schuco 1/43rd - Orange Red
Marketed under the Schuco name in Europe.
Click for Details Kline 1/43rd - Blue
I purchased this Kline model in blue from a Scale Model railroad company.
Click for Details Junior Driver 1/43rd - Yellow
Here's an eBay find. I'm not sure where this one came from - the box is slightly larger than normal.
Click for Details Schuco Junior Line 1/72nd - Yellow
These are really tiny VX models, but still worth having. The 1/72nd line is reused in Choco toys and may be found in Cararama multi-vehicle sets.
Click for Details R-Type Car Choco Isuzu VehiCROSS 1/72nd - Silver
Choco are Japanese prizes given in machines (like the "giant claw" from the Toy Story movie). This Choco features an Hongwell 1/72nd car in a small square box. There is also a purple VX variation (see box back).

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