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The VehiCROSS: Vehicle Modifications
I've had various people ask me "Why modify the VehiCROSS, especially if it's so great? Doesn't it come with everything?" I guess for many who purchase a car or truck, it's simple to go down a list and pick accessories that you may want to finance through the initial purchase. Sometimes you don't realize you want something until you see it on someone else's truck. In my case, there were a few nagging omissions to the Isuzu Accessory offering for the VehiCROSS (specifically I was searching for Mud/Splash Guards and Window Air Deflectors). Sure the VX already has a ton of great features (the standard Recaro seats come to mind) so my guess is that Isuzu reasoned the demand for dealer accessories to be small. This is reflected in the list of available accessories from their brochure:
Click for Details Nose Mask
This is a two-piece nose mask that wraps around the front bumper cover of the VX and a portion of the hood and fenders. Due to a ridgid deflector across the top, the mask helps to deflect small rocks from hitting the windshield. The plastic covers over the headlights also help to preserve the headlights from rock collisions.
Click for Details Remote Garage Door Opener
This is a module that you may purchase and install as part of your Garage Door switch. The module may be programmed to react to the second button on your VX's door/alarm remote.
Click for Details Yakima Ski, Snowboard and Bike Mount Attachments
This is an integrated rack that clamps onto the two roof rails on the VX's top. The rack itself is a Yakima WindRider (no longer offered by Yakima) and has an aerodynamic shape. The risers are custom to the VX application. There are both horizontal and vertical mounts (Mighty Mounts) available through Isuzu, as well as a Ski Board rack and Bike mount rail. Other racks may be applied through the use of the horizontal or Vertical Mighty Mounts. The basic rach comes standard on all Ironman edition VehiCrosses.
Click for Details Cargo Mat
This is a small, reversible cargo mat that extends from the back of the rear-seat to the edge of the "trunk" compartment. Carpeted with an embroidered Isuzu logo, it helps to keep the area clean and is removable for easy cleanup.
Click for Details

Carpeted Floor Mats
The usual heavy-pile, carpeted floor mat with embroidered Isuzu logo. These usually are included in the sale of the vehicle.
No Image Available Touch Up Paint
Not listed in the brochure but available through the dealer.
Click for Details

Wheel Locks
Not listed in the brochure but available through the dealer. These usually are included in the sale of the vehicle.
No Image Available Rear Cargo Net
Not listed in the brochure but available through the dealer. These usually are included in the sale of the Vehicle and appear to be standard equipment on later models.

It has always struck me as rather odd that the VX accessory list is so small, especially when compared to the huge list available in Japan. To view the Japanese VehiCROSS accessory list, click here. Because the VX first appeared in Japan in 1997 and that the Japanese release production numbers were very small, it's been reasoned that the accessory manufacturors produced very limited quantities fo their products. For some reason, these items were not extended to the US market (most of the accessories listed above were not available to the Japanese as well). Some of the Japanese only items make sense, as they are specific to Japan (such as the navigation system and PAL VCR), however many items are both coveted and greatly desired by US owners. I purchased the Wind Deflectors, Chrome Mirror Covers and Splash Guards through a friend in Asia to equip my VehiCROSS through great expense for both the items and freight. I describe them in more detail below.

The intitial listing of modifications below details what I have done to my VehiCROSS in chronological order. I've provided links to the manufacturers and/or installers where applicable, as well as pricing.

Click for Details
Click for Details!
9/14/2001 Window Tinting
This is a must-have mod in the south. The sun is really brutal here and destroys your interior, not to mention getting into a hot car during the summer.
Click for Details
Click for Details!
12/22/2001 MacNeil WeatherTech Wind & Rain Deflectors (Model #70235)
This is a really inexpensive mod that will cut down some of the wind and wind-noise that you get when the windows are cracked. It will also allow you to crack your windows while the weather is nasty without getting drenched. I've since replaced these with deflectors that were available in Japan that are different (see most recent images).
Click for Details
Click for Details!
01-20-2002 Yakima Roof Rack (Isuzu Part #2-90030-930-0)
I rarely use these because of the wind noise, however you can't beat them for additional carrying capability. Buy a Yakima or Thule basket to mount on top for additonal storage. I usually leave these off due to wind noise unless I need to carry something.
Click for Details
Click for Details!
1/27/02 Razo Pedals carbon fiber Razo replacements
Those tiny Isuzu pedals really bugged me - get some aftermarket pedal covers such as these for your shoes to grab.
Photo from Accessories Brochure 05/08/2002 Isuzu Nose Mask (Part #2-90030-930-0)
Do yourself a favor and order just the hood protector (included in this mod). I never use the wrap-around part that goes across the bumper, but until a wind-deflector is available, the hood part will save your windshield from rocks and debris. I've since moved on to a magnetic bra that only covers the edge of the hood to the insert.
Click for Details
Click for Details!
4/3/2002 Hollandia/Webasto Sun Roof w/Wind Deflector Model 43
This is perhaps my favorite "comfort" modification, allowing more sun in without compromising the integrity of the VX sealed interior. I also added an additional wind deflector for the opening to offset back pressure when the sun roof is open.
Click for Details
Click for Details!
5/17/2002 Levoc E-Brake Cover (#LV-701)
This simple mod dresses-up the interior by covering the handle part of the Emergency Break lever.
Click for Details 6/12/2002 Frame Mount 2" Receiver Hitch Kit, wiring and Hitch Light
This integrated hitch receiver tucks under the rear bumper and attaches to the frame cross member. After installation the modification looks like a factory add-on.
Click for Details 6/15/2002 High Performance SilBlade Silicon Windshield Wiper Blades
Far superior to the brands you find at Pep Boys, silicon wipers last for years and glide like silk across your windshield. Their longevity compensates for the higher cost. I got about 3 years out fo the original set, tried a few other brands and have recently (12/2007) gone back to SilBlades - they simply are the best.
Photo by Tone Monday 6/28/2002 AutoTrans Interceptor Adjustable Electronic Shift Kit - (#54790)
Use this plug-in modification to smooth out your shifts during acceleration.
Click for Details 7/14/2002 JDM Wind Deflectors (Isuzu Part #5-8672-1139)
I didn't think too much of these until I actually saw a set on Dave Sirkin's Ebony. The JDM deflectors are shaped to conform to the mirrors, which in Japan fold in through the use of a switch on the center console. They truly compliment the look of the VX through their sinuous contour.
Click for Details 7/21/2002 Finnell's PowerVault Stainless Cat-back/muffler
The PV muffler is hands-down, the best performance-gaining mod you can do for the money. The intake needs to be swapped out too for the best effect.
Click for Details 8/6/2002 JDM Chrome Mirror Covers (Isuzu Part #5-8672-2031)
At the time, this was an inexpensive mod that really dressed up the VX. Not for everyone, I would recommend the chrome only to those who like to enhance the "flash" of their VehiCROSS. These are no longer available from Japan.
Click for Details 8/6/2002 JDM Splash Guards (Isuzu Part #5-8672-1141)
I got hooked on OEM mud-guards while owning a Honda almost 20 years ago. You can't go wrong with the way these integrate with a "custom" look on the VX. Unfortunately, they are no longer available from Japan.
Click for Details 08/10/2002 Hotshot Performance Intake (40-IZ4065-73)
Originally welded to fit the Trooper, this was part of a group buy for the VX community and had to be modified (an additional cut in the middle of the tube allows the whole unit to be rotated to clear the hood). I don't believe this is available any longer. The actual performance gains are minimal unless the exhaust is upgraded as well (check the PowerVault CatBack above). I owned two cone filters so they could easily be swapped out. This has since been removed as the intake doesn't work with the Supercharger.
Click for Details 11/16/2002 Rear Door Popper Kit
My particular modification brings together several bits and pieces that are now available in an $85 kit from Tone Monday. This is a must-have.
Click for Details 11/16/2002 Switch bank and Rear Hatch switch
Taking the Popper Kit above to the next level, this mod will bring a factory feel to the addition of the Popper Kit switch and give you two additional switch locations to play with.
Click for Details
Click for Details!
11/21/2002 Running Light Conversion
Get rid of those puny running lights and replace them with $20 "Pilot" 55W Halogens (purchased at Pep Boys). This is a cheap mod with a huge amount of bang-for-the-buck.
Click for Details 12/03/2002 Adjustable Rate / Duration 3rd Brake Light Flasher
This is a great attention-getter. Causes your top brake light to flash - duration and rate are adjustable. View a short movie of the brake light effect here (1 MB - video by Tone Monday).
Click for Details 02/03/2003 Convex Blind-Spot Mirrors
Super-cheap mod utilizing stick-on mirrors designed for the Ford Expedition (get these at Pep Boys).
Click for Details 2/16/2003 Energy Suspension Neoprene Greasable Sway Bar Bushings
Better performance, less body sway, greasable zerks. Any more reason to change these out?
Click for Details 06/21/2003 Pirelli Scorpion Tires 255 55H18 V-rated and SS Valve Stems/Caps
I swapped out the tires after getting a slow leak in one and a sidewall cut in another (plus almost 40K miles on the factory set). This size fills out more of the wheel well but maintains the radius of the recommended size, so your Speedo/Odo will track correctly. I got about 37K out of these Pirellis and have since gone to Kumhos (see below).
Click for Details 7/28/2003 Optima 720 Amp Red Top Battery
Big cranking amps from a spiral-technology sealed battery. This is an amazing upgrade. Unfortunately this batter failed at nearly 3 years but was covered by warranty and returned. I upgraded to an 800 Amp Optima (see below).
Click for Details 09/15/2003 Debadged and Personalized Plate
Decided to personalize the exterior a bit more by removing the front and rear "Isuzu" logos and getting a vanity plate "PROTON"
Click for Details 11/30/2003 4.50" Passenger Seat Extension Kit
I tried these and they do work to make the rear seats more accessible. Ultimately I took them off because of the loss in leg room to the passenger front seat. If I were to consider this mod again I would get the shorter extention kit.
Click for Details 10/26/03 Switch to Mobile 1
After reading some terrific real-world tests I decided to switch to synthetics.
Click for Details 12/29/2003 H4 35W 12V Brightstar HID Conversion Kit
This amazing mod will change your halogen lights to High Intensity Discharge lights with some really amazing reach. This kit plugs into your existing harness so there are no wires to cut. Also, they have a halogen high beam, so you have both for your DMV vehicle inspections.
Click for Details 1/17/2004 Replaced "Isuzu" front Grill logo with "VX"
This titanium hand-cut VX logo was produced by a VehiCROSS board member. They stick on with glue and replace the Isuzu on the front grill.
Remote Image 4/16/2004 CompuSTAR Remote Start Alarm
I've been toying for a while with the idea of upgrading the alarm to something better with auto-start and more options. After doing a bunch of research, I initially was going to go with the Viper 790 with 2-way paging. This alarm is supported by many local installers. After listening to some comments by other members on the ClubVMag board, I decided to go with the Compustar 2WSS-AS -- it uses more sophisticated Spread Spectrum technology and has a range of 6000 feet (I also like the button position better on the remote). Besides the auto-start, the 3rd button opens the rear hatch. I'm into my second remote (first one cracked and I'll probably need another soon - 2008)
Click for Details 6/2/2005 VXC Custom Front Skid Plate
I got this from Ron at VehicrossConcepts and have really be tickled with it. I think it dresses-up an otherwise bland front-end. Ron will match paint to any of the US colors, plus the color of the OEM gas-door, which is what I have. The skid plate is made of ABS plastic so it's not brittle like most you see made from resin, and it attaches using 4 existing threaded holes (for cladding and front license plate bracket) - this is an exceptional design based on the skids produced for the VX02 prototype.
Click for Details 1/11/2006 VXC Custom Rear Skid Plate
Also purchased from Ron at VehicrossConcepts, the rear skid plate matches the front. Note this is also a CAD/CNC item with special fitment for Tone's Hitch.
Click for Details 3/18/2006 Kumho Ecsta Tires 255 55H18 V-rated
I went with Kumho's based on reviews found on the web. The Pirellis I had previously were a bit too sticky for the truck - they tended to track any groove in the road so I was constantly fighting the steering wheel. These are of similar quality, were inexpensive and are a bit harder, so they don't track road imperfections. So far so good!
5/12/2006 Cross-Drilled, Slotted Rotors
I had the opportunity to purchase these from rotors another VX enthusiast who decided to go a different route - these offer superior braking, more brake cooling and are zinc coated to prevent rust (an issue with the stock steel rotors).
Click for Details 5/12/2006 Stainless Steel Brake Lines
I ordered these SS Brake lines from Independent4x4. The brake pressure difference is unbelievable.
Click for Details 5/14/2007 Optima Red Top 800 Amp Battery
My previous Optima failed (under warranty so I was able to get a full refund) so I upgraded to one with a bit more cranking power.
Click for Details 8/5/2007 Alpine Eaton MP62 Supercharger with 4 LB Pulley
I originally purchased the kit as part of a group buy back in 2003 - I finally had the time to install in May 2007 (nothing like waiting) - the performance increase is amazing and the throttle response alone makes this mod worthwhile.
Click for Details 9/9/2007 Carbon Fiber Hood Insert
I purchased the hood insert from a VX owner who decided to sell his truck so it was "gently used" - this is an easy mod that really changes the appearance of the VX.
9/9/2007 Supercharged Labels
The labels were ordered on eBay and are from a Chevy Cobalt SS.
Click for Details 11/1/2007 Cold Air Intake with Green Twister Filter
I took a while to work this out - I purchased the Green Twister Filter through Tone Monday - this kit comes with an aluminum heat sheild and includes a velocity stack front so air can be rammed into the intake. I ported this the the fender hole. The supercharger with a cone filter opened to the engine compartment was causing the VX to run slightly hot, with temps going high during performance runs. By venting to the outside I've gotten the temps back down to normal (slightly cold) so this was a vast improvement. I also replaced the line from the passenger-side valve cover to the intake with a small Green breather filter.

All images, captions and content are Copyright © 1997-2018 Isuzu Motors Corporation and/or John Eaton unless otherwise stated. If there are any comments or objections, please contact John Eaton, by clicking here.

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