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I've accumulated a rather large list of places to visit in reference the the VehiCROSS. The first link is the most important, as it takes you to VehiCROSS.info, the premiere VX related web-board. The rest of the links contain reviews, images and the like. Have fun and please report any dead links to me.

Web Boards and Email Lists

  • VehiCROSS.info
    Join the VehiCROSS community and learn about the VehiCROS - the Good, the Bad, and the Fugly! This is the Primary VX meeting place hosted by Moncha and well attended. You'll find a lot of information here about modifications, problems with the production model and fixes to those problems. Every VX owner should either be a member or intently search through this board.

  • Isuzu Vehicross 2
    The previous VehiCROSS community hosted by Club VMag as "Isuzu Vehicross 2." The board is still "alive" but rarely active. It's still a great source for information (use the Search feature) so you should bookmark. This board has an earlier iteration "Isuzu Vehicross" which is dead (I'm not sure if the the earlier iteration can be searched or not). Because the board ran for 2 years or so, there's a lot of great information hosted on it so it's a great secondary source when doing VX related research.

  • 4x4 Wire Isuzu Tech Talk
    4x4 Wire's contribution to Isuzu mods, especially lifting and suspension changes.

  • 4x4 Wire Isuzu Trail Talk Forums
    4x4 Wire's Forum for Isuzu Off-Roading.

  • E-Zoo-Zoo
    Yahoo Groups BBS featuring Smiley and his crew (east/southeast coast off-roaders)

  • VX Recalls on alldata.com
    Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins for 2001 Isuzu Truck VehiCROSS (4WD) V6-3.5L DOHC MFI.

  • Vehi-SQUARE
    This is the "official" VehiCROSS website for Japan. Interesting photos (text in Japanese)

VehiCROSS Homage Pages and Pics

VehiCROSS Web Articles and Reviews

VehiCROSS Parts and Mods Resources

  • ToneMonday.com
    Many of the Mods I have originally came from Tone (Hitch and Supercharger come to mind). Great items and great service from a true VX enthusiast.

  • St Charles Isuzu
    The absolute best place to order stock Isuzu parts (they do phone ordering only - the number is on their website). Ask for Merlin and tell them you read about St Charles on the VehiCROSS web boards, and you'll receive a discount plus free shipping within the continental US.

  • ClearCorners.com
    Buy clear side indicator lens covers and converted LED tail lights here.

  • Drew Auto Center
    Alternative bra to the OEM version.

  • Helm Online
    Official distributors of Isuzu Manuals

  • Hobby Link Japan
    1/24 Isuzu VehiCROSS model kit by Tamiya

  • Pure Isuzu
    Calmini's website - get your lift kit and heavy sway bars from these guys.

  • Auto Parts Go!
    VX parts available through the web...(ignore the 2002 VX title).

    Used VX and Isuzu parts in the southeast.

  • VX Toolbox
    Nice software application that may be used to log your maintenance and gas efficiency.

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