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For Major Matt Mason, my favorite links are:
Join the Major Matt Mason Distribution List...join for email discussions of Major Matt Mason, space exploration, 60's era toys and related topics...

Dial B for Blog #236...Major Matt Mason Comic!...

Dial B for Blog #167...Major Matt Mason ads in the comics...

Maikel Das MMM Page...neat page in both German and English...

Patio Kids Toys from the 60's...Nice little trip down memory lane...

Like Television's vintage Toy Commercials...Download a color MMM commercial (10 MBs!)...

Cylon Centurian, and featuring Captain Lazer...A comparison of Capt Lazer to the 70's Battlestar Galactica Cylon Centurian...

Peter Bergner's Toy Museum Page...This German collector has a great collection. Click on the Toy Museum link, then on the MMM helmet to view his MMM and Colorform Aliens...

Dan McGinnis's Page...Dan has some super pics of his collection...also, pics from his childhood with MMM toys!...

Jim Hampton's Page...Jim has done some really wonderful custom design work... Check out his John Glenn and custom Mego figures!...

Randy Landers Major Matt Mason Site...Check out his custom characters...

Astronef Magazine...this short history on toys is in French and has a paragraph or two about MMM....

Radbot's MMM site...Great vintage and new photos featuring MMM, Billy Blastoff, Ding A Lings and Zeroids...

CaptainLazer.com...New site devoted to this "Largely" misunderstood MMM character...

Figures.com...the Major Matt Mason toyline is judged the #4 all-time best Boy Toy by Figures.com...

Prevue Pics from an upcoming MMM movie!...check out Joe Conti's work for sure...click on Current Projects, MMM: the Movie...

Leadworks MMM Clone Pictures...For close-up pics of the Leadworks Knock-offs...

George's Vintage Space Toys + Models...George Ruboyianes puts up his own page of Space Toys and Major Matt Mason.

Major Matt Mason page...Steve gives us a few pics of his MMM collection! There are pics of Hot Wheels and Hot Birds as well.

MAJOR MATT MASON Page...Mark gives us a few pics of his MMM collection!

MAJOR MATT MASON - the sharkman's pad...Larry Chinn finally get's going on his page!

Keith Meyer�s, The Space Station...Keith's site is a wonderful reference with cool features such as a virtual Space Station, cool games and recordings from the Talking Command Console and Talking Back Pak. Go here for pics of amazing store displays and news of new MMM products.

Pat Storto's Major Matt Mason Page...(Great hi-res images!! One of the first MMM websites...check out the MMM Coast to Coast section.)

Major Matt Mason Product Page...(Neat Page...with Thingmaker and other Toys too).

The Big Red Toybox ...(Very informative...he has pages devoted to a variety of different toys). This is also a great source for acquiring toys in the auction and flea market.

Super Marketing: Ads from the comic books.
For Colorforms Outer Spacemen my favorite links are:

Games and Beyond CFA page...Here's a page of aliens for ya...

Creepsville at Nifty Fun Comics...Exceptional homage to the Aliens here...

Ralph's Colorforms Aliens Page...The first site entirely devoted to Colorform Outer Space Men...

Ray Castile's Gallery of Monster Toys...A great place where some of the coolest Monster Toys can be found. Some great pictures in his 60's Wing of some Colorforms Outerspace Men. Probably the first site that featured the Aliens.
For Other Cool Space Toys my favorite links are:

Johnny Astro, The Most Exciting Toy Ever!...Nap brings us the only Johnny Astro page that I know about...

For Shogun Warriors, GoDaiKins and Japanese Anime my favorite links are:

Try Marc's site DieCasToyz ...For information on die-cast Japanese Toys.

Try John Wells' site Cool Stuff Video ...To buy copies of hard-to-find Japanese and Asian video.

Neo Nostalgic Toys ...Jason's site devoted to the "retro" toy craze currently bombarding the toy market. You'll find Soul of Chogokin here.

Cool Japanese Toys...a terrific resource! Probably the best resource on Japanese toys on the web. Tom wows everyone once again with a major site re-work and a Japanese toy price guide (under "Classifications").

Thomas Wells Gatchaman Site...site full of collectible Gatchaman toys.

Alen Yen's Toybox DX...This site is a must!

Super Manga Robots

Terranova's Robot Page...a source for Shogun Warriors, GoDaikins and Orgus

Mecha World

Goldorak Page

Kimono My House...a large database of Japanese toys and related, many items not available anywhere else!

For Zeroids, my favorite links are:

Games and Beyond...new page with reviews. Features Captain Action, Zeroids and Colorform Aliens.

Toy Robots, Rockets and Rayguns Zeroid Page

If you haven't seen Playset Magazine yet, the latest issue features Zeroids - great pre-production information and pics of the TV commercial set up.

I've divided up all the cool pages I've found over the years into easy to sort categories...you won't find everything here, but you'll probably figure out how twisted I am!

Art Links...the good, the bad, and the ugly

Book Links...what I read, mostly

Comix Links...comics worth reading

Movie Links...mostly not for the masses

Pop Culture Links...you'll know what I'm showing here

Toy Links...why most of you came

TV Links...our favorite shows

Misc. Links...everything else

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