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by Mike Sullivan
Hello everyone,

I'll be 35 on the 6th, not married, almost....... but she thought I was too materialistic, Ha Ha! She couldn't be more correct, started buying MMM stuff and GI JOE stuff a few Months ago, when I was feeling nostalgic in front of my computer, DAMN those out of the blue ideas that come to You that one types into a search engine!!!

I remember having many MMM figures, the space station, crawler and cannon, alot of the other stuff I dont remember, but intend on getting all of it!!!! ALL OF IT!!!

Even though I didn't think of it as a kid, I suddenly have the urge to deep freeze a MMM figure in the freezer, minus the foil, is this such a bad thing? (as i rapidly approach 35)

Funny how as a kid, the son of a Firefighter, all of my action figures had to all be proficient at Firefighting and rappeling, didn't matter, the Major, GI JOE, they all responded in Tonka Fire engines to multiple alarms set by my Dad in the winter, in the fireplace. I can't believe my parents put up with that racket, what a bunch of spazzo's me and my brother were, too much sugar, probably! Also, wasn't it great, when you were a kid, and different scales didn't bother You, all action figures were compatable! Although I hate to say it, even as a kid, I always thought Captain Lazer was a little on the effeminate side................and for some reason the Major would always talk my Joes into kicking his butt!!! Poor guy!

My "if I win the lottery" thoughts lately have been to buy the old landfill site in town (which is now capped and topped off by a driving range) to lead a mission to recover old toys that were tossed away years ago, God is that sick or what!!! Maybe I'll deep freeze a MMM figure at the Firehouse, as I too am now a Firefighter, just like Dad was! They think I'm sick at work too!!

Mike Sullivan(Sully)

Sully is a member of the Major Matt Mason e-mail group and contributes to discussions about toys. He actually started this whole thread! He may be e-mailed here.

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