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by James Manahan
I fall right in the established age group 38 pushing 10, single father of three (who live with me) For years I would mention the Major and get blank stares.

I got into collecting the Major by a round about way, I am heavily into model building and I thought there would be no way to every own what I had as a child. I thought if I could just locate one figure I could mold and make all the ones I had and build dioramas for my model contests, that way show all the people who had such blank stares about the Major.

By chance I found Ebay and the mailing list and thankfully Alec Peters who I got my first two figures from (Sgt.Storm and the Major). I now have included a Station, Doug Davis, Callisto,Recon Jet, Back pack, Cat Tracs, Uni-Trac and Ball and 1/2 a Moon Suit (which I am detailing the interior for molding). I am attempting to mold and detail out a cattrac into a type of model and for display. I want to do this with the Sled as soon as I obtain one.

When I received my first figure (my second childhood) I was so proud, I could not wait to show my children and the first thing out of their mouths were "it's just a Space Man!, it doesn't even have a micro chip for sounds!" Needless to say they now have respect for those Space Men in the Domed Display Cases.

I collect many things, but I am not into resale I just collect what I had or is special to me. My children and I have Star Trek (Mego, Galloob, Trendmasters all sizes, over a 100+ carded), 12inch GIJoes (mostly commemorative), Star Wars 1977 through New releases, Godzilla (my passion) and the other Toho Monsters, Plastic models (unbuilt 400+) with the delusion of building them all. Not to even mention Barbie and Beanies!, one thing I have learned is that my children will not have to worry about Dad throwing their toys out!.

Jim is a relatively new member of the Major Matt Mason e-mail group and we heartily welcome his comments and contributions to discussions about toys. He may be e-mailed here.

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