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by Joe Dennis
I'd like to elaborate on my beginnings in MMM ...it's probaly 1968..and I've been eyeing a GI Joe Space Capsule set at our local LEEDS toy store, it's up on a top shelf and while I know I can't see what it really is I know I want it...

So after being a good boy all week I ask my Dad if maybe he could get it for me..I got the big "maybe" flash forward to that night..my dad comes home..no box..darn!! (hey I was 10)...we eat dinner..as he's reading the paper my dad says that he'd forgotten his jacket in the car and tells me to go get it for him. I run to the car..there's dad cloth coat with a big lump under it..my heartleaps..could it be??

..I pull off the coat but it's not te GI Joe instead its a MMM crawler set..what the hey it's a toy..I run to the house ..and rip open the box..that night me, my dad, and the major had a great time..later on I got a Station, unitred,the boys and Callisto

..for christmas that year I got a talking backpack and a moonsuit.... well. my dads 82 now and I wish there was a way I could return that joy he gave me

...I've still got that 1st... MMM his nose is rubbed off, most of his paint and I think one elbow wire is still intact..be he's in the case with all the others..I refer to him as the "grail." Over the years there were other things left in the car..I came to expect it after a while. But neither my dad or I would ever let on to being "in" on the deal...

Joe is a member of the Major Matt Mason e-mail group and regularly contributes to discussions about toys. He may be e-mailed here.

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