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I'm going to simply list each story by subject and/or name. Almost all the stories so far are about Mattel's Major Matt Mason toyline, and they will be featured first.

Most of these stories were submitted by members of the Major Matt Mason community. A thread was started..."What age are list members, why do you collect, what did you have/remember, and what does your spouse think about your collecting?"
Find out about joining either of the Major Matt Mason e-mail groups here.
You'll find that some of these stories are very personal and they allow the reader to submerge themselves in nostalga and serendipity. Other submissions are merely comments about the toy. It's amazing how each new story provokes a flashback sequence to things unthought of or half remembered

As more Real Toys Stories are submitted about other toys, they will be split up into their own sections. Here we go...

Toy Stories about Major Matt Mason
  • David Benz

  • Donald Bledsoe

  • Mark Courtney

  • Joe Dennis

  • Gary Dawson

  • Alan Dismukes

  • John Eaton

  • Thomas Farrell

  • Mike Ferguson

  • Jim Hampton

  • Matt Jenson

  • Roger Lepre

  • James Manahan

  • Frank May

  • Tim Merchak

  • Bob Paluch

  • Wayne Reid

  • David Richardson

  • George Ruboyianes

  • Joe Sikora

  • Mike Sullivan

  • Claude Switzer

  • Larry Turoski

  • Paul Vreede

  • Rob Waite

  • Graeme Walker

  • Thomas Wentland Jr

  • Mark Wolfe

  • Bill Ystrom

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