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by George Ruboyianes
Hi Gang,

I've really enjoyed the current thread of everyone telling about their first mmm's. I've been doing some digging and found 8mm film that was converted to video a few years ago. It got put away and forgotten. The film was taken on Xmas morning 1968. It shows my younger brother and I opening up gifts and guess what, there is the Major, mint and perfect on the card! I had forgotten about these films until this current thread started me trying to remember which piece I got first.

December '68 I got Matt on a red Cat Trac, the space probe set and Sgt storm flight Pak. Then sometime in '69 I remember getting the unitred and the space bubble (I have a very clear memory of taking these to the park to play in the sand and a lot of kids gathering around).

Here is the second set of pics. the first one was Matt on a red Cat Trac and the Space Probe Pak. This one is the Sgt Storm flight pak
Here's the last pic I promise. This pic is very poor but is significant because it shows me tearing up a mint Sgt Storm Flight Pak backing card in order to get Storm out. Doesn't that just make you want to cry?


George is a member of the MMM e-mail group and a regular contributor. He may be e-mailed here. George has also put up his own page of Space Toys and Major Matt Mason. Look here for a step-by-step guide on MMM restoration and rewiring.

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