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by Gary Dawson
Gary sent this to the MMM list in December of 2001:

Hi Gary Dawson here just thought I would reminisce about my Christmas Major Matt story .I was out shopping with my mom about 2 weeks before Christmas in Birmingham England 1967 when looking in Beatties store I noticed a display with space astronauts and fantastic space vehicles, something that caught my eye right away. Mom took me in the store and I immediately ran up to a Major Matt figure I think it was the flight card anyway mom asked me if she could ask Father Christmas to bring me this fine astronaut for my Christmas present. I said oh yeah and on noticing a Sgt Storm figure said could he also bring me that red guy as well, mom laughed and said she would think about it. When the big day came matt mason was there as I searched through the wrapping paper couldn't find Sgt Storm but on looking up in the Christmas tree there like an angel was Sgt storm pristine and waiting to be played with by a 6 year old what a great day.

Since then I have moved to Canada now 40 and starting my collection up again thanks to great web sites i.e. John Eaton's Joseph Keresman's and Pat Storto's etc great bunch of guys making my childhood memories come flooding back. My kids are fascinated by these astronauts even with all the other gadgets they have around them these days thanks for reading guys out there and a MERRY CHRISTMAS


Gary is a member of the Major Matt Mason e-mail group and regularly contributes to discussions about toys. He may be e-mailed here.

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