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by Donald Bledsoe
Hi people.

I took the time and read all the great stories and stuff about your personal Matt experiances and I must also contribute. I don't have weekend access to my email otherwise I would have responded quicker.

I am 34 years old and had a number of Matts when I was a child. Mostly Matt himself along with a Storm, Lazer, Callisto and Scorpio. I also remember clearly having a few Colorform aliens, Colossus Rex, Cmdr. Comet, Astro-Nautilus, and Alpha - 7. Vehicle-wise I had a space crawler, bubble and unitred. I got the unitred by winning it in a church fair when I was young and I was very excited because it came with a new Matt, all mine at the time were "used" to say the least. Let me clarify that it was not packaged with Matt, but a carded Matt figure was part of the prize. Years pass and after many moves and yard sales, my Matt collection dispersed to the four winds.

Then, in the mid-eighties, my friend and I discovered a place in Toledo, OH called Hollywood Dream Factory. They had quite a few MINT Matt pieces and that's when I started reaquiring Matt. I got the Matt with moonsuit set ($50.00), the XRG-1 reentry glider ($35.00), and Matt on the CatTrac ($25.00). These were all Mint on Mint cards, though the plastic bubbles had popped in a few spots. After that, I picked up a few slightly worn figures at toyshows and flea markets, and now with eBay, despite it's faults, my collection is near done!

I was a mere 4 years old when I saw Neil hit the moondust and saw it in my parents bedroom on a small B&W TV. I thought it was the neatest thing. I also remember seeing news footage of helicoptors landing in fields, but not knowing what that was all about. Now I know it was Vietnam.

I have collected many things thru the years, but I have tended to stick by my Favorites: Matt Mason, G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Lego, and Japanese robots.

Thanx. Don Bledsoe.

Donald is a member of the Major Matt Mason e-mail group and regularly contributes to discussions about toys. He may be e-mailed here.

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