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This area of my site is devoted to getting connected with other Major Matt Mason collectors. Included are: eMail distribution lists, Message Boards, resources for Reproduction Parts, Restoration tips and pricing lists. There are also links to the Toy Story area of my site that features anecdotes from other collectors (here's a gathering of other collector's opinions and experiences.

Facebook Groups:
There are currently two Major Matt Mason Facebook groups:
  • Major Matt Mason

    This is the largest and longest running MMM Group - at this time (2013.09.23) it has 561 members.

  • Major Matt Mason Group

    This group has a smaller membership but features many short videos provided by group members detailing custom MMM storylines using figures

MMM Message Board:
This is a board hosted By Richard Hallack on his Virtual Vikki site...
There are currently no Usenet categories supporting Major Matt Mason toys as a stand-alone entity. Occasionally someone will post a message to rec.toy.vintage or rec.toy.gijoe, but this is rare indeed.

MMM Newsletter:
Originally to be published bi-weekly, this e-zine, the MMM newsletter is published by Alec Peters. After 3 issues, the wait for a fourth has exceeded a year. Nevertheless, with articles written by various MMM e-mail list members, this is a good starting point for the new collector to obtain a complete Mattel product listing, find out about toy cleaning & restoration, or read articles about our favorite collectable. There's enough new stuff to keep the advanced collector occupied as well, so it's deserving of any MMM fan's mailbox. I've started an archive of past newsletters here, so new subscribers can get current quickly. Please ask Alec to put you on the list or join the MMM majordomo list as members automatically receive the i-zine.

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