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Mattel's Man In Space

From the Mattel Product Catalog, inserted into most Boxed Playsets

"All Major Matt Mason's equipment is based on official space program designs. This equipment must help him deal with violent temperature extremes, radiation, meteorites, and strange, rough terrain."

"The moon is two hundred forty thousand miles away from earth and has no air, wind, or weather."

"A day on earth is 24 hours - a "day" on the moon is one month. While the sun shines continuously for two weeks, temperatures soar to 250 degrees F. During a "night" that lasts two weeks, temperatures drop to 250 degrees below zero."

"Because sprays of meteorites crash into the moon, Major Matt Mason will travel over knife-sharp rocks, over dust beds that may sink many feet deep, and will climb huge mountains. He will collect minerals and fossils."

"The uniform of the day for Major Matt Mason is his Space Suit. It has a detachable helmet and movable, tinted visor. For his personal transportation, he has a Space Sled which moves him across the moon's surface, or above it, with a short-range Jet Pack."

"Major Matt Mason's Moon Suit gives him even more protection from extreme temperature changes and radiation while exploring the planet and collecting samples. Other important equipment includes two launch packs with which Major Matt Mason can launch rockets and space probes into hard-to-reach areas."

"For complete mobility on any planetary surface, Major Matt Mason has a strange-looking but very practical Space Crawler. The Crawler is equipped with power-pads which go over any kind of surface, even crevices. It lands back on its "feet" automatically if it is accidentally overturned. The Space Crawler can also be mounted on a hill-top or the Space Station, and can be a powerful hoisting winch. The winch rotates in any direction after a load is lifted."

"The Space Station is Major Mason's home in space. It provides living quarters as well as complete operations equipment for any length of time spent on a planet. The station converts as a one or two story center or as separate moon bases with two space platforms, six space girders and the control center. The control center is protected by swing-down tinted Solar Panels. A flashing space beacon signals to orbiting space craft, and tells earth that all is well."

"For interplanetary travel, Major Matt Mason's Space Ship is a sturdy, safe carrier for him and much of his equipment."

"Join us now for a great adventure into space, with these exciting Major Matt Mason toys available wherever toys are sold."

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