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6360 XRG-1 Reentry Glider

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The XRG-1 Reentry Glider was and still is, one of the most unique and innovative toys from the 60's. Other toy companies at the time had released real-flying toys, but most that held figures were small, non-descript things resembling traditional airplanes. Mattel took this to the next level, by creating a true glider, apparently modeled after the X-RV Lifting Body, that could hold a figure while retaining its unique appearance. This required first some engineering skills (Mattel took great advantage of real Engineers in its R&D department), light-weight materials, and a knowledge of Aerodynamics.

Due to the soft-plastic material of the XRG-1, the actual front canopy-encased figure would act as the nose weight. This would force a front, downward pull across the wings adding lift. The dual tail added stability, and with adjustable flaps, the glider could be made to pull sweeps and do mild tricks. All with the figure safely inside for hours of imaginative play! The only down-side was the unexpected wind that could carry the glider to undesirable locations. These are often found with missing canopies, or canopies with damaged and scratched noses.

At some point, Mattel went from a slip-on canopy to a riveted one, probably to prevent the canopy from falling open at impact and spilling the fragile astronaut. Intact riveted XRG-1 gliders are the most difficult to find. The additional strain of the rivet often caused the canopy to break apart during heat expansion.

XRG-1 Reentry Glider Images:
Full View | Front View | Side View | Quarter View | Back View
Bottom View | Cockpit | Flaps

The backer-card is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except the front which has applied a full-color, process-printed label. The card measures 18 " by 21 5/8" by 4 5/8". Copyright is 1970. The card reads: "Major Matt Mason XRG-1 Reentry Glider" - "Streaks Through Space" - "Reenters Earth's Atmosphere" - "Glides and Lands Safely on Earty" - "Flies Only with a Mattel Astronaut - Not Included"

Additional Packaging Images:
Top | Back | Side | Detail | Bottom

Sticker Sheet:

Mattel #6360-0920 XRG-1 Re-entry Glider
Mattel #6360-0920 XRG-1 Re-entry Glider Back
Mattel #6360 Card Back Detail

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(First appearance: Mattel Toys 1970 Spring Catalog Page 12 - note that the catalog description describes the packaging as being a "Blister Card" when in fact the XRG-1 came tied to the unusual card-like package without a blister)
New XRG-1 Reentry Glider #6360 Flies only with a Mattel astronaut (or simulated weight) in cockpit. Decals, instructions included.
Blister card, 18 " x 21 5/8" x 4 5/8"
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 12 1/4 Lbs.
  • Slip-on canopy
  • Riveted canopy
  • Card-back original printing
  • Card-back large sticker
John's Notes:
This is one of the most fun MMM accessories to actually play with out of doors. It actually flies quite far, especially if the thrower is up a slight hill. Bending the wing flaps really do cause the flight path to change. Loads of fun here! You should check out Pat LeBlanc's X-RV Lifting Body custom.

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