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Mattel #6345 Space Bubble

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The Space Bubble is a trailer-like accessory designed to be pulled by a vehicle (the Crawler, Uni-tred or Firebolt Space Cannon). The most unique feature of the Space Bubble is its ability to maintain the upright position of the seated astronaut, even though the bubble is spinning end-over-end (the seat is suspended and weighted via an axel that goes laterally through the bubble halves). Other interesting features are: the ability of pulling the bubble with the figure looking forward or backwards, and the ability of hooking-up multiple bubbles train-fashion.

Included in this set is the Bubble with two-piece yoke, along with an optional yoke/adapter that allows the bubble to be pulled by the Space Crawler. Also included is a sticker sheet and two-sided instruction sheet.

Maladies affecting the performance of modern-day survivors are: Warped bubbles (the seat will not turn due to the malformed curve of the bubble); broken yokes (preventing the bubble from being pulled); Stuck Doors (the doow will not release from the spring-loaded end that holds it tight to the bubble surface); Broken Halves (the parts are basically lying apart so they do not function); Scratches (making it plain-ugly!). Most of these problems are fixable with a little TLC. You can even polish the surface and create a relatively smooth appearance.

The box is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except two sides which have applied a full-color, process-printed label (top and front). The box measures 10" by 10" by 9". Copyright is 1968. The box reads: "Hitches to Mattel space vehicles!...Holds Mattel astronauts! Rolls 360 degrees over planet terrain!...Gyro-seat keeps astronauts upright!...Tinted protective bubble!

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Sticker Sheet:

Instruction Sheet:
Front | Back

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
This item has been offered since the Mattel Fall 1969 Catalog, Page 55.
New Space Bubble #6345
SPACE BUBBLE hitches to the UNI-TRED, SPACE CRAWLER, or FIREBOLT SPACE LAZER! Gyro-Seat Control Center safely transports astronauts on space expeditions while plastic chamber rotates a full 360'! Protective SPACE BUBBLE tint deflects dangerous rays!
For convoy action, two or more SPACE BUBBLES can be hooked together. Vehicles and additional SPACE BUBBLE not included in this set.
Std. Pack: Doz.
Wt: 4 Lbs.
The bubble could come in any combination of three different shades of clear plastic: blue, smoke gray or tan. It is much more difficult to find bubbles that are all made of a single color.
John's Notes:
I've always enjoyed the Space Bubble, especially when combined with the Uni-Tred. The Bubble as a sand-alone accessory was probably not as popular as when combined with the Uni-Tred as a set. I've found these boxes to be relatively difficult to find. Most Store-Stock examples I've seen are in the British Major Matt box rather than in the US release box.

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