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Mattel #6330 Captain Lazer

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"Major Matt Mason's Friend from Outer Space" with "Superhuman Lazer Powers" was first offered in 1968. In television commercials, he is supposedly "Born on Mars" and capable of great "Bravery and Lazer powers." Capt Lazer is an anomoly among Major Matt Mason collectors due to his scale (he's approximately 12" tall). It has long been conjectured that Lazer was originally created to be part of another toy line, or that he was some type of Spock tie-in (this probably comes from his hair style and pointed ears). Capt Lazer was packaged with a space helmet, boot treaders and 3 translucent gun attachments (plus instructions). More information about Capt Lazer may be found in the Astronauts and Aliens portion of the website.

Capt Lazer was initially offered in this open faced box, using a new celo-process that enabled Mattel's large boxed dolls and figures to be shelved relatively exposed. The celo is much thicker than what was commercially available until 1965 and may be contributed to much of the success of Mattel's store-shelf appeal, as it would stand considerable handling without damage to the contents. Later Capt. Lazer was offered in both a "Deluxe" Set (Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Set #6341) and accompanied with a vehicle (Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set #6351).

Figure Images:
Front | Back | Seated | Back Pack Detail | Head Detail
Light Up | Detail | Beacon | Wand | Shield

The box is the typical screen printed corrigated cardboard favored by Mattel, with most printing in MMM blue, details in white with over-printed black. The box is covered with heavy shrink-wrapped celophane and features a full-color, process-printed overlay. Box measures 8 5/16" x 8 5/16" Copyright is 1968. The box reads: "Major Matt Mason's Friend From Outer Space...YOU activate his superhuman Lazer powers: Lazer Sound! Lazer Beams! Flashing Eye Beams! Blazing Solar Reactor! Cosmic Coder! Radiation Shield! Lazer Wand! Cosmic Beacon! Movable Arms! Bendable Legs!"

Package Images:
Back | Side | Top | Front | Interior | Detail | Contents

Sticker Sheet:

Instruction Sheet:
Three color, folded in half and hidden behind box fold (click to view)

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(First appearance: Mattel Toys Fall 1968 Fall Catalog Page 16)
Superhuman CAPT. LAZER - action-charged with astonishing lazer powers!
Gigantic space personality features incredible light-up Lazer Pistol! Plus add-on Cosmic Beacon, Paralyzer Wand and Radiation Shield to adapt to friendly or hostile environment!

CAPT. LAZER'S other remarkable capabilities include flashing eyes and chest beams from his solar reactor plus solar buzz with back pack control. Bendable legs, movable arms, space tredder bots, removable 3-D space helmet.
Battery-powered, space labels, instructions.12" tall.
Std. Pack: 6/12 Doz.
Wt: 5 1/2 Lbs.
Mattel Toys 1969 Spring Catalog Page 53)
Major MATT MASON's friend from outer space! Amazing superhuman space-man sends sonar sound waves from solar reactor when battery-operated power pack is activated from accessorized Cosmic Coder. Futuristic space helmet and lunar surface space-tredder boots included. 12" tall.
Std. Pack: Doz.
Wt: 9 Lbs.

John's Notes:
I personally have no memory of Capt Lazer as a child. I suppose he didn't appeal to me as did the astronauts and Callisto. He was, however, one of the first items I bought as a collecting adult. I still have the one I bought at a toy show for $30. With a little shake, he lights up just fine!

Capt Lazer may be found in:
From the 1968 Sears Christmas CatalogIt appears that Capt Lazer originally had open hands, rather than the hand holding the light-up gun/attachments. There is an image from a Sears Catalog (Image left, from the 1968 Sears Christmas Wishbook) to support this. I have also heard that his helmet may have been constructed originally to hold a visor. This would explain the ear coverings, which would hold a visor if inserted and pinned to the small pivot holes. It happens that one of the items that was in a group of Prototype MMM toys I acquired had just such a visor. The visor is shaped to fit the helmet, has a notch for a nose, and has holed ends as if they were meant to fit into a helmet. I've also seen images somewhere of Capt Lazer with a visor on his helmet (no clue where I saw them... or perhaps its just wishful thinking?).

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