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Mattel #6328 Mobile Launch Pad

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Another inexpensive accessory, much like the Cat Trac, the Mobile Launch Pad was produced to carry the various launch platforms such as the Space Probe Launhcer or Satellite Launcher. I believe that Mattel had always intended to produce some type of trailer for carrying accessories, as the Astro Trac was released with a guide pin for towing. The Mobile Launch Pad seems to be the result. Cast from a single PVC mold, I think it was quite a feat to produce an accessory as detailed as this from a single mold. Two axel/wheel combinations clip underneath and help the Pad roll on the floor or across moon surfaces.

The card-front reads: "Space Engineered for Mounting and Towing Mattel's Three Mobile Missle Systems!" (NOTE: the Gamma Ray Gard had not yet been released. It's interesting that the tripod legs of the Gamma Ray Gard were designed to fit into matching spaces on the Pad - the same slots utilized by the Satellite Launcher). The bottom of the card reads: "Hook it up - Tow it with Mattel Space Vehicles!"

Back View | Top View | Side 1 View | Side 2 View | Back View

The Card is full-color, process-printed and is 11 1/4" x 12" x 2 1/8" Copyright is 1968. The card front features three photos of the Mobile Launch Pad in use (I do not believe these images were used elsewhere). The back of the card re-uses the line-art from the Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set instruction sheet. The card reads: "Space engineered for mounting and towing Mattel's three mobile missile systems!" and "Hook it up - Tow it with Mattel space vehicles!"

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(Not Found in Regular Mattel Retailer Catalogs. First appearance: Sears 1968 Christmas Wishbook Catalog page 504)
Launch Pad Vehicle only.
8-in. plastic. Launchers not included.
79 N 59017 -- Shipping weight 4 ounces........Each $1.99


This is probably one of the rarest of Mattel Major Matt Mason accessories, especially found carded. I know of only a handful of carded examples.

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