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Mattel #6325 Major Matt Mason Gulf Oil Promotion

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Long thought to be a "myth" the Gulf Oil Promotion Card is finally presented here in all its glory! Packaged on a card about the size of a cat trac card, the Gulf Promo card uses the same blister as the white-blistered Sgt. Storm found is some Firebolt Super Action Sets. Included are MMM with helmet and Jet Propulsion Pak with an MMM catalog folded in half and tucked behind the figure. The only markings identifying the item as a Gulf Promotion on a small stiff-paper tag. The back of the card has instructions printed on it similar to the Major Matt Mason instruction sheet.

Back View | Gulf Oil Tag

The Card is screen-printed with red, blue, yellow, black and white and is 9 1/2" x 6" x 1 1/8" Copyright is 1968. As mentioned above, the bubble was also used for the white-carded Sgt Storm variation found in some Firebolt Space Cannon Super Action Sets (Mattel Stock Number #6341).

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
Unknown. This item was not available in the normal Spring or Fall Mattel dealer's catalogs, it was probably offered on some type of tear-sheet to Gulf Oil Stations which has yet to be found.

None Noted.

As mentioned above, this is an extremely rare item that was probably used as a test market campaign in a very specific region. Very little information is known about this piece and little or no colateral information or advertising has been found in referencing to the campaign.

Thanks (and much unabashed jealousy) to Alec Peters for allowing me to touch this piece and verify its existence (I am positive that this is a genuine Mattel piece and not some made-up reproduction/fake!). It has had the upper right corner of the bubble re-attached, the figure may have been removed from the package at one time (it's hard to say, but it would explain the rubs on the figure). The Jet Propulsion Pak and Helmet have not been removed, nor has the catalog. Since this is the only example that I have ever seen or heard about, it's about as rare an MMM piece as you'll ever see. Way to go Alec!

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