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Mattel #6316 Space Ship Case

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The Space Ship Case is an oddity among Major Matt Mason items. Made from vinyl-covered cardboard and vacu-form plastic, the upright spaceship could be used to store your MMM accessories and seat a figure in the upper deck in the traditional reclining, take-off position. A bulbous "nose" projected from the top (perhaps to suggest the Gemini spacecraft), as did four thrusters along the bottom edges. A large door could be swung down to provide interior access and a ramp from the planetary or moon's surface. A conveniew handle on the Ship's spine allowed its owner to easily transport the case and contents to grandmas or down-the-street. A hang-tag tied to the handle provided the shop-owner with a place to put a price sticker.

Space Ship Case Images:
Side 1 | Side 2 | Back | Top | Bottom
Front Open | Side Open | Door Graphics | Quarter View | Inside View
Copyright | Tag Front | Tag Back

Was marketed loose with a hang-tag.

Sticker Sheet:


Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(First appearance: Mattel 1967 Fall Catalog page 96)
New Major MATT MASON Rocket Ship Case #6316
Two-tier storage case with famed Gemini capsule design! Three-dimensional vinyl construction features simulated control panel and activity area. Molded door, strap handle.
Size: 9" x 4" x 8" (notice that this size is actually for the Satellite Locker, even though the listing and picture are for the Rocket Ship Case)
Std. Pack: 4/12 Doz.
Wt: 8 Lbs.
None Known

John's Notes:
I have a feeling that this accessory was rather a disappointment to Mattel regarding sales. The Case is both difficult-to-find, and almost impossible to acquire in nice, intact condition. The vacu-form top and thrusters are freqently broken and/or missing. Even the hang-tag is a rarity. I doubt many of these were produced and distributed. I recently upgraded to the one pictured, after hunting for 5 years for a decent example (I paid a rather exorbitant price). I know of only a handful of these that are intact, and only 3 of them have hang-tags.

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