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Mattel #6310 Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set

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The Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set was the "must-have" set for the Christmas of 1968. It contained the Space Station, Space Crawler and a Major Matt Mason figure, accompanied by his helmet, a Space Sled and Jet Propulsion Pak. All components came in a spectacular box, that really commanded presence on the toystore shelf. The set appears to have been offered through 1969, and examples may still be found today.

Much has been said about the individual components of the Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set, please reference sets 6300, 6304, and 6308 for details. Note that the images show the silver girdering from early prototype station examples. The images of the Old Store Stock station were sent to me or to one of the MMM lists (It's been a while so I'm not sure who's set is pictured).

Space Station Images:
Full View | Side View | Top View | Bottom View | Front View
Beacon View | Command View | Parts | Parts Detail | Crane Mode

Space Crawler Images:
Side 1 | Side 2 | Top View | Bottom View | Back View | Front View

The box is made of corrugated cardboard printed on all sides (in black, white and blue ink), except two sides which have applied a full-color, process-printed label (front and bottom). The box measures 18" by 16 " by 5 3/8". Copyright is 1966. The box reads: "Includes: Space Station with Control Center - 2 Space Platforms - 6 Girders - Space Radar Beacon - Swing-Down Solar Panels - Motorized Space Crawler with Powerful Hoister & Winch - Plus Major Matt Mason in Flexible Space Suit - Space Sled & Jet Pack"

Additional Box Images:
Top | Back | Bottom | End 1 | End 2
Insert | Contents 1 | Contents 2 | Contents Detail

Sticker Sheet:
Scan Not Available

Mattel #6308-0922 Space Station Front and Back
Mattel #6308-0922 Space Station Inside Pages

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(First appearance: Mattel Toys Fall 1967 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 946 **note that the set originally had a "four-color wall poster" as an accessory, abandoned in actual production - Also, the Catalog lists 4 batteries instead of 3 for some reason - possibly a typo).
New Space Station and Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set #6310
A starry home away from home for Major MATT MASON! Amazing SPACE CRAWLER raises and lowers hefty supplies to top of SPACE STATION! Includes
Major MATT MASON, SPACE CRAWLER, Space Sled, Jet Propulsion Pak, two space platforms, six space girders and six clear solar panels. Plus three-piece chair, paneled control console, upper platform, uprights, vinyl sheet and space labels. Instructions, good-looking wall poster and catalog.
Package size: 18" x 16 " x 5 3/8"
Std. Pack: 4/12 Doz.
Wt: 30 Lbs.
Four "D" batteries not included.
  • Some station tops have the hole for the shelf uprights drilled through, while others are solid.
  • Some shields and upright girders have variations in color
  • The White Carded Matt Mason figure could come either with no-printing on the back, accompanied by an MMM Instruction sheet, or with the instructions printed on the back.
  • This set was also given away as part of a Pilsbury/Mattel Coloring Contest giveaway. A contratulations letter (from Goofy Grape!) and list of winners would accompany the set.
  • This set would often come with a White Rubber Major Matt Mason.
John's Notes:
I always wanted this set as a kid. My neighbor down the street (a real spoiled SOB - said with jealousy!) got two of these, one in 68 and another of the same set in 69 - it helps having remote relatives. I remember getting worked up the year he got it, then being even more so the following year when he got the second set. He was the type that would let you look at his toys, but wouldn't let you play with them. I think this has emotionally scarred me to this day!

I'm still looking for an Old Store Stock example. One day I'll find one and perhaps the emotional scar will go away.

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