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Mattel #6306 Satellite Launch Pak

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Perhaps my favorite accessory Pak, the Satellite Launch Pak features another missile-firing "platfor" whick could hole a figure upright. The white base of the platform holds a spinning launcher, that would propel round satellites in a variety of colors some distance into the air. A two-handled control column could be held by Matt in the semblance of launching the satellite.

The firing mechanism could be tied to a string, so the action could be initiated remotely. A greenie stik-m-cap could be placed under the launch device to deliver a resounding "bang" as the toy's action was delivered. The Pak included four satellites in yellow, green, blue and white. Each held a metallic silver-foil sticker, along with other "space labels" to be applied to the launcher itself.

The card reads: "Launches Big Payloads! Develops Tremendous Thrust! Boosts Satellites in Space! Remote Control Firing! Blasts Off or Fires Silently!

The Card is full-color, process-printed and is 8 1/2" x 12" x 1 1/2" Copyright is 1966.

Sticker Sheet:
Two types: Metallic "donut" stickers for the satellites
Launch Pad stickers

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(First appearance: Mattel Toys Fall 1968 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 16)
New Satellite Launch Pak #6306
Launch 4 different communications satellites by remote control! Fire caps too! Includes launching pad, control stand, towing hitch.
Std. Pack: 1 Doz.
Wt: 4 Lbs.
  • German Satelliten-Abschussrampe: Front | Back
John's Notes:

Several cases of the German Carded version of this accessory were found in Europe, making this the easiest and most common carded accessory. Often it may be had for $20-25, so many collectors purchase one to open for display. The US card is still relatively uncommon and difficult to find.

Accessory may also be found in:

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