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Mattel #5041 Mattel Ringbinder Assortment

Mattel #5041 Mattel Ringbinder Assortment features the typical, cheap vinyl 3-ring notebooks most of us had in grade school. The vinyl is printed on the front and spine. More details on the Major Matt Mason Ringbinder may be found under its listing. Since none of these assortments has surfaced, it is unknown whether it included some type of display.

The assortment probably came in a plain cardboard box with Mattel logo's and an assortment number printed on either end. As an existing assortment has not yet materialized, the packaging is unconfirmed and based upon packaging of other display items from the same period.

Mattel Catalog Specifications:
(First appearance: Mattel Toys Fall 1967 "Toy Fair" Catalog Page 35: shows 5 Ringbinders as the Barbie and Francie Ringbinder does not have an image)
New Ringbinder Assortment #5041
Four each of six fast-selling ringbinders in a two-dozen assortment.
4 ea. Monkees Ringbinder #5042
4 ea. Barbie and Francie Ringbinder #5043
4 ea. Peanuts Ringbinder #5044
4 ea. Creepy Crawlers Ringbinder #5045
4 ea. Man-in-Space, Major MATT MASON Ringbinder #5046
4 ea. Tarzan Ringbinder #5047
Std. Pack 1 ea (1 carton)
Wt: 27 Lbs.
None Known

It would be interesting to see an actual display. Due to the rarity of the binder itself, an actual assorment will probably never surface. I've been made to eat my words before, though! Let's hope it happens in this case as well.

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