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Since the inception of the MMM lists, and the creation of my website, I've been sent many interesting photos, articles, and ephemera that relate to Major Matt Mason. I had previously included all this "stuff" in the MMMarchive section of my site. I think that it is more appropriately included in the Resources section, so I have moved all to it's new home here. I've also included some new items of interest...

  Soaring with the Eagles!
Martin is a huge UK collector of Major Matt Mason and Gerry Anderson collectibles (such as Space: 1999). These images are of figures posed next to large-scale models that were actually used in production.

Martin writes: " thought these pics may be of interest and maybe of use for the fun page. A pal of mine owns an original 44 Inch Eagle from SPACE:1999. The guys are a little too big but are almost small enough to look just right. After Commander Koenig and his pals took over MMM's base in the 1970s when Mattel re-used elements of the base for their SPACE:1999 playset Doug and Matt thought they may just commandeer this baby for a quick flight. The Eagle is one of the three largest built for the actual series. This 'miniature' was the second one built for the series and is 44 inches long. It is a little beat up but remains in pretty much the condition it was when the series finished filming it is owned by my friend Andrew Frampton who has a magnificent collection of props and costumes from SPACE:1999 and the other Gerry Anderson programmes"

You can praise Martin here.

  Heiner's Great Paintings and Murals!
Heiner is a German MMM collector who contacted me with several images of his collection and these painting examples. It turns out that I had some other images of paintings that he did sent to me from a friend. I've included these as well. To view pics of Heiner's MMM display, click Fun Collections page). You can praise Heiner and his artwork here.

William Kakousky - Finished Illustration!
William Kakousky, a professional illustrator and lifelong MMM aficionado from France, submits this beautiful illustration of Doug Davis (see image below for the work in progress).

Off & on he's been working on it for far more than a year. This work is Copyright 2001 Willis Kakousky Illustration, who writes: "any MMM fan is welcome to print out this illustration for personal use only. Please contact the artist (willisillu@yahoo.fr) for use in printed and/or distributed media."

William Kakousky - A work in progress
This French illustrator shows us a glimpse of his MMM airbrush illustration project. Looks great so far!

The Leg of a Fanatic! Charles Burke's Great Tattoo!
Here's something you don't often see, a MMM fan to the extreme! Charles writes: "I just wanted to take a moment to express my thanks to everyone connected with this group. I have found it invaluable. When I first went online I found Don Thomson who always amazed me with the speed of his replies to my questions. Through Don I found Larry Chinn who has almost singlehandedly rebuilt my collection. People have said it before and I'll say it again. Larry is the greatest. Currently, I'm looking for some kind of mmm 12 step program because I think maybe I'm completely hooked on the major. On behalf of people like me who rarely post messages to the group, I just wanted to say thanks. Oh..and I'm including my new Major Matt Mason tattoo. (Hello, my name is Charles and I'm a Mattaholic...)

regards, Charles"

You can praise Charles and his tattoo here.

Fanatics abound!
Got this sent to me a while back from Mark (no last name given)...it's amazing the extent MMM fans to!

You can praise Mark and his insane tattoo here.

Two asians are better than one! Larry and John at the San Diego Comic Con
Larry Chinn, his fiancee Jenny (physically taking the picture) and I finally had the opportunity to meet at the San Diego Comic Con a few years ago (Larry and Jenny have subsequently gotten married...their kid is below...). It's great to meet a fellow MMM collector...everyone should try it! I'm the dweeb on the right. Bob Burden, creater of Flaming Carrot Comics is in his booth in the background. You can ridicule Larry about this and the following photo here.

Larry REALLY wants to be an astronaut! Larry as an Astronaut
I photo-manipulated the pic of Larry (minus Myself) above onto a Sgt Storm body.

Sable wants to be an astronaut too! Sable as an Astronaut
Larry sent this photo out during Christmas as a "Christmas Card" to all the mmm fans. The shot features his cat Sable, who also wants to join MMM in space (or at least in the box!)

Whoa, what's wrong with this picture?  Nothing! Paul has fun with Photoshop
Paul Vreede improves the cover of the famous Life Magazine. You can compliment Paul about the improved photo here.

A bonus pic from Paul Merry Christmas from Paul and Matt Mason
Paul Vreede sends all the MMM fans on the list his best Christmas wishes. You can return the sentiment here.

We hope you've enjoyed these fun photos. Check out the other sections of the site for more! Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

All Mattel images and captions are copyright Mattel and used without permission. All other content, including images, and editorial, is Copyright © 1997-2018 John Eaton and/or contributors unless otherwise stated. Some media clips are used without permission but should be covered under fair-use Copyright laws or made available under public domain. If there are any comments or objections, please contact John Eaton via email, by clicking here.

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