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I really enjoy seeing the various displays that MMM collectors use throughout the world. It is really interesting to see to what extent collectors display their MMM figures and accessories. Some go to great lengths, devoting entire rooms to their collections. Others create special drawers for figures, or build display cases for the rare pieces. The following photos have been submitted to me or the various MMM email lists over the years. Enjoy!

  Heiner's Collection
Heiner has a tremendous collection with one of the largest loose displays I have ever seen. He is probably the largest MMM collector currently in Germany. He also is a tremendous Major Matt Mason artist (see the Fun Pics page). To contact Heiner, click here!

  Gary Dawson's Collection
Gary contaced me several years ago looking for a few bits and pieces. Seems he grew up in the UK where he was exposted to the Major and had maintained a fondness ever since (he now resides with his family in Canada). His wife contacted me to enquire about a Space Station as a gift, so his figures now have a base of operations to share. To contact Gary, write him here!

David Benz's Collection
David is one of the most meticulous MMM collectors I know. He'll spend hours working to clean a figure, or rub a melt mark from a Space Sled. Don't get me wrong... I really admire his perserverance and dedication. I am also jealous of his patience. This photo is from sometime in year 2000... his collection has grown by leaps-and-bounds since then (we're waiting on some updated pics - Dave... you there?) To contact David, write him here!

  Rick Porter's Collection
Rick is one of those rare individuals who lives and breathes Major Matt Mason. He's one of those who's passion for collecting has kept the interest in MMM alive. He has one of the most extensive collections that I know about, including two carded white rubber MMMs, one on a flight card, the other on a cat trak card. His office is the primary display area for his collection, but it has bled over to his living room (the DQ poster) and into the bedroom. You can write Rick here!

Rusty Reiser's Collection - the Shelf
Rusty has been a member of the MMM lists for about as long as I remember. Here are pics of his collection, from some time in 1999.

Rusty Reiser's Collection - the Table
It seems Rusty's collection has spread past the shelf and has bled on to this table... To contact Rusty, write him here!

Wayne Reid's Figures
Wayne contributes this 4-astonaut salute... To contact Wayne, write him here!

We hope you've enjoyed these fun photos. Check out the other sections of the site for more! Should anybody reading this have any similar information, additions or corrections, then we would very much appreciate hearing about them.

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