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This page is for all the Images of Major Matt Mason customs that I've collected on the Web or have been sent to me. Many MMM collectors spend hours creating their own crew. I've spotlighted a few here, and welcome any contribution. These are mostly figures, but I've also included links to custom vehicles and accessories. When the information is available, I'll identify the source and story behind each image. If anything is presented that you know more information about, please feel free to e-mail me that info/correction.

For the most recent additions to the rest of the MMM site, please refer to the Major Matt Mason section of my What's New Page.

Captain Planet, er..., I mean Eco Matt Saves the World! Eco Matt Repaint
My buddy Steve DeLong wanted a Matt to experiment with different painting techniques. He used automotive paint, with a "hardening" agent. When asked about color, I thought...How about green? Yeah, and an ecology flag instead of the old stars and stripes. Here's the result. The green paint has since oxidized a bit, and turned a flat color. The white paint on the ecology flag has also faded, as the green is bleeding up through it. Steve also came up with a unique approach to figure striping: Dip the figure in lacquer thinner for about 10 seconds then pull out and wrinse! Use this method at your own risk! You can write Steve about it here.

Click to Learn more! Toby Denham's Motorized Cat Trac Project
Once again Major Matt Mason fan Toy Denham wows the crowd with an amazing custom. Kit bashing a common cat Trac with a wired-remote controled set of tank-treads. The results are well worth the time spent.

Steve York's great 12" figure conversions!
The rather daunting task of creating 1/6th scale versions of the Major Matt Mason line, using 12" astronaut figures! Check out the Space Station! Click on the thumbnail at left to see more.

Frank May's Space Mobile #6!
Frank's take on the Tomy produced vehicle, Matt style!

Frank May's Space Rover!
Frank recreates the never-produced Space Rover from the rare 1967 Mattel Catalog and the Starlog Guide to Science Fiction Toys!

Pat Leblanc's amazing X-RV Lifting Body!
Pat describes his creation of this Matt-sized flying model of the X-RV from the movie "Marooned".

Pat Leblanc's Orbital Space Station!
Pat sent me these pics of one of his latest projects. I really like this idea and Pat's application has really gotten my creative urges going...

Pat Leblanc's take on the Lunar Rover!
This project has all the elements of greatness: start with a good idea, throw in some MMM parts and bang! Check it our for yourself...

Pat Leblanc's Lunar Module!
Follow Pat as he attempts to create an MMM-scale LM...

 Pat Leblanc's Biggest Project - The MAC Capsule!
From the MAC logo, a ship that flies...

All Mattel images and captions are copyright Mattel and used without permission. All other content, including images, and editorial, is Copyright © 1997-2018 John Eaton and/or contributors unless otherwise stated. Some media clips are used without permission but should be covered under fair-use Copyright laws or made available under public domain. If there are any comments or objections, please contact John Eaton via email, by clicking here.

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