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Whether through coincidence or circumstance, there are many items that look like part of the Major Matt Mason toy line. This includes printed materials, toys and colateral items that were either copied ("Knock-offs) or actually inspired Mattel into producing our favorite space toy. You'll find below a listing of items as they become available. Many of the images were scabbed from eBay ads, so the image quality may be sub-par. I've indicated contributors of the information where appropriate.

Leadworks Astronaut
These Major Matt Mason knock-offs began appearing late in 2000. There was quite a stir as to the origin of these obvious MMM rip-offs. On casual inspection, they appear to have been struck from the same mold. Close inspection reveals that the hands are a new mold, and that small injection holes have been added. Also, the wire armature seems to be completely different. More information by clicking on the image at left.
Matt on Sled Cake Topper
This knock-off appeared sometime in the 70's. You'll usually find it with "Galactic Warrior" glued to the front... Click the image at left for mor information.

Life Magazine, April 27, 1962
The cover of this issue of life features the bell-like moon suit that Mattel copied for the MMM accessory. The cover story is "Man's Journey to the Moon" and some of the interior stories follow this theme. Inside, another photo of the suit with the caption "Moon Suit. Testing a moon suit mock-up, Inventor Allyn Hazard stands in a lava crater on the Mojave Desert. Suit carries own oxygen, food." The accompanying article has "As for protecting the men themselves, at least one company - California's Space-General - has already built and is trying out a very early model moon suit (right). It carries food, water, a radio, a tiny stove and air conditioning to insulate its occupant from the 300 degree fluctuations of lunar temperature. Its weight of 200 pounds, unwieldy on earth, should be no problem on the moon where things weigh six times less." Below the article are photos of various moon vehicles...one looks a little like the Space Bubble. For more information, I've got more information in the Moonsuit area of the site.
Link to Major Matt Mason Micro-Machines Page Major Matt Mason "Micro-Machines" Page
There were several variations of the "micro" astronaut set released during the 60s and 70s. The famous Apollo Exploration Set that borrowed several MMM equipment designs for a "micro" line of toys.
Click to Enlarge Space Mobile 27 from the 1968 Sears Christmas Wishbook
I remember coveting this toy because I thought it was a Matt Mason accessory when I was a kid. The Space Mobile was on the same page with Matt and his cohorts and the driver looked a lot like he belonged to the group.

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