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Major Matt Mason Advertisements & Promotions
2 page ad Two-Page ad from DC comics September 1967
This cool two page ad has a one page MMM comic to accompany it.
third page ad 1/3-Page ad from DC comics
The condensed version of the one page ad.
Full page ad Full-Page ad from DC comics
Basically the two page ad without the comic.
135k image, please wait to download Mattel Christmas Ad Circular, 1969
This ad featured MMM on a Uni-Tred pulling Sgt. Storm in a Space Bubble with the heading "For Kids Only." on the cover. Inside is a wonderful full-color 3D planet displaying all the new MMM toys for the 1969 toy year. On the back cover is a photo of a kid throwing the XRG-1.
star seeker Mattel Christmas Ad Circular, 1970
This ad featured MMM in a Star Seeker taken from the November 15, 1970 Atlanta Journal. The interior has a 1/3rd-page color strip featuring "Talking Major Matt Mason," the "Star Seeker," and "Scorpio."
Toys and Novelties Magazine Toys & Novelties, July 1968
Toys & Novelties, and industry trade magazine, frequently included ads from the companies featured in current articles. This issue has 7 full-page, black & white Mattel ads, the 6th ad features Major Matt Mason. There is also a very cool Elden Billy Blastoff full-page ad.
Toy City ad Toy City Newspaper ad
Rush on down and pick up your MMM figures for a mere $1.66 each! Ah, what we could do with a time machine!
Click on thumbnail for full page ad MMM Mattel Ad from Life Magazine, December 1967
This 1/2 page ad was part of a multi-page Mattel Advertisement in Life and possibly Look Magazines. Here's a close-up of the ad. Images provied by Mark Stuart through Larry Chinn (and a download from eBay!).
Click on thumbnail for full page ad MMM Mattel Ad from Life Magazine, November 15, 1968
The 1968 Mattel ad features Nixon on the cover with a multi-page layout. Page two introduces Sgt. Storm, Capt. Lazer, the Astro-Trac and the "Space Firebolt." The ad also blurbs: "See Mattel's man in space toys on Here Come the Brides."
Click on thumbnail for full page adClick on thumbnail for full page ad MMM Mattel Ad from Life Magazine, November 14, 1969
The 1969 Mattel ad has General Rheault on the cover with once again a multi-page layout. Two full color pages introduce Doug Davis, Jeff Long, and the XRG-1 Reentry Glider.
Click on thumbnail for full page ad

Click on thumbnail for full page ad
MMM & Barbie Promotion with Funny Face Drink Mix from Jack & Jill Magazine, August, 1967
The two-page center spread features a promotion in conjunction with Funny Face Drink Mix. The idea was to color-in a small Funny Face Strip and fill-out an entry form (you also had to either send in 5 Funny Face packages or 5 sheets of paper with "Funny Face" hand printed on them). There were 5000 winners (2500 boys and 2500 girls). The boys won a Space Station Space Crawler Deluxe Action Set, while the girls won a Twist 'n Turn Barbie and a "World of Barbie" House. The store display was unusual in that an MMM Flight Card and Twist 'n Turn Barbie (in the box) were glued to the display header. At the bottom were boxes of Funny Face Drink Mix and a tear-off book of Entry forms (see left, bottom two pics...click to enlarge!).
lick on thumbnail for more info! MMM Promotion from Nabisco Shreedies cereal, Great Brittain 1968
I don't believe Nabisco Shreedies brand cereal was ever available in the US, though it is still available in Canada and Great Britain. Sometime in 1968 Nabisco had an arrangement with Mattel to market MMM on their Shreedies cereal box. Click the thumbnail at left for more information.
Baravelli Ad MMM Italian Introduction Advertisement 1968
This very attractive 2-page ad appeared in 3 consecutive issues of Topolino, the italian Mickey Mouse magazine. For more info please go the the MMM Foreign section devoted to Italian MMM.

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