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Everything that doesn't fit into any other category I've stuffed into this page. The so-called "Major Matt Mason" postcards, the Collegeville Halloween mask and other items as I get them recorded.

Click to enlarge Collegeville #7705 Major Matt Mason Halloween Costume
This neat costume featured everyone's favorite astronaut on a space sled printed on the front. The mask was of MMM's face through the visor of his helmet. The helmet has the characteristic #3 on the forehead and "MATT" under the visor. The box reads: "Collegeville Costumes," "Bright for Night...Flame Retarded...Colorful Masks...Wide-Vision Eye-Holes" with "Quality Costumes" written on a prize button graphic. The bottom reads: "Official Copyright Costume"...with "One Only... Major Matt Mason™ 226 Large (12-14) ©1967 Mattel, Inc." hand stamped. The stock # is also hand stamped (7705) next to "with Mask" printed as the last line. This costume was sold at Sears for $1.99!
"Major Matt Mason" 3-D Postcards

In 1966 the W. C. Jones Publishing Co produced some 3-D lineticular postcards that are often referred to as the Major Matt Mason postcards. Although there is an uncanny resemblance and the timing was right, these postcards were never liscensed, nor does the name MMM or Mattel appear anywhere on them. I believe the similarity is coincidental.
post card 1 Walk in Space Postcard
This postcard features a space-suited figure with a "3" on the helmet space walking while holding a "ray gun."
post card 2 Plant That Flag Postcard
This postcard shows a space-suited figure planting the Stars and Stripes on the moon's surface while a LEM watches on from the background.
Other 3-D Postcards
So fast he's just a blur~! Funoptics 3-D Puzzle featuring Sgt. Storm
This item is basically a 3-D card that's been cut into puzzle pieces. Sgt. Storm is riding a Space Sled and wearing a Jet Propulsion Pak in the Foreground. Neat, huh? Sent to me by Larry Chinn.
Image provided by ? Australian GI Joe & MMM Card
This card from Australia was posted to the group by Alec Peters (for another member). Notice that the foreground figure is a GI Joe in a two-zippered astronaut suit holding a flame thrower as a weapon. He's also wearing a Captain Action Flash Gordon belt/holster and gun. Matt is in the background waving from the LM.
Are you sure this camera works? Joes on the Moon!
This card was produced in Japan and distributed by Asahi Trading Co., NY during the late 60's. Once again, GI Joes in astronaut suits were used. Notice the black painted straps, the repainted helmets/visors, the air tanks and the movie camera (it looks like it's made of cardboard!). Click here for a closeup of Joe's face.
More Joes on the Moon!
Another card produced in Japan and distributed by Asahi Trading Co., NY during the late 60's. Part of the same series as the card above. Notice the weird Ascent Module on the LM. Sent to me by Larry Chinn.
This ain't parallel parking! Let's Seperate those modules!
This card's image was sent to me by Jim Lancaster who writes:

"Just wanted to let you know that I have three such 3-D postcards I bought when I went on a fieldtrip to NASA at the Cape as a boy of 7th grade.

One card was like the one you had of the floating space man. One was of the separation of the Lunar Module from the Command Module. One was of two astronauts walking in a lunar hill scene with the Lunar Module in the background."

This card is the second that he mentions. The other two are above. Thanks Jim!
One big step for Revell... Gemini Astronauts on the Moon
This button was produced by Pictorial Productions Inc. using Vari-View processing. Upon closer examination, the two astronauts are actually Revel Gemini Astronaut kits holding a flag, standing against a moon/earth backdrop. The propulsion units are moulded in so I guess they left them in for the shot. Funny that the flag is "waving" in that terrific lunar wind! Here's a detailed shot.

All Mattel images and captions are copyright Mattel and used without permission. All other content, including images, and editorial, is Copyright © 1997-2018 John Eaton and/or contributors unless otherwise stated. Some media clips are used without permission but should be covered under fair-use Copyright laws or made available under public domain. If there are any comments or objections, please contact John Eaton via email, by clicking here.

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