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Mattel Insert Catalogs Page
Mattel produced two insert catalogs that contained brief descriptions along with images of Major Matt Mason toys. These free mini-catalogs were included with many of the boxed playsets.
Mattel Catalogs Page
Mattel produced several catalogs for retail distribution that contained Major Matt Mason toys. Included here are the Dealers catalogs and promotional flyers provided by Mattel.
To the Sears Catalogs Page Sears Catalogs Page
Every year Sears offered an abundance of Major Matt Mason playsets and exclusives such as the Astro-trac Missile Convoy and Star Seeker Walk In Space sets. Sears also published "Toys" catalogs for each year that featured the toys sections of the Wishbook sans everything else.
To the Wards Catalogs Page Wards Catalogs Page
Not to be outdone by Sears, Montgomery Wards also offered a large array of Major Matt Mason items, often at slightly discounted prices.
To the Pennys Catalogs Page Pennys Catalogs Page
JC Penny had some of the most comprehensive offerings through their catalogs. Nearly every vehicle, figure and playset was available through mail-order. Pennys catalogs remain rather elusive with their smaller distribution.
To the Spiegels Catalogs Page Spiegels Catalogs Page
I'm constantly suprised by the Major Matt Mason ads in Spiegel catalogs. They often offered combination sets at discounted prices (some quite unusual).
To the Misc. Catalogs Page Misc. Catalogs Page
I've placed all the smaller companies under this heading. Some catalog companies will get their own heading as my collection or reader contribution expands. These are some of the most unusual ads, often in catalogs that wouldn't seem toy-friendly.

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