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Mattel Instruction Sheets
I've created full-page (at 100%) scans of all the Major Matt Mason instruction sheets that I possess (including some foreign versions!). My hope is that collectors that are missing instructions to their accessories/vehicles can fill gaps in their collection by downloading and subsequently printing these sheets. They are saved at 75 dpi to save download time and preserve screen resolution. They should be printed at 150 dpi for best results...they won't be perfect "photo-copies" but hey, they're better than nuthin! Thumbnails are provided (click on the thumbnail for the first page or use the handy pull-down menu). Some of these images are "large" and not for the squeamish (slow modem owners beware!). Most images will fit on a letter size page, others that need larger paper I've tried to indicate or I've broken up the image into several printed pages. Have fun!

Mattel #5157-0920 Talking Command Console
This is the basic format of most of the MMM Instruction Sheets. Plain white paper with Black and Blue printing (Mattel occasionally used Red for special details).
Mattel #6300 Major Matt Mason Flight Card Back
This scan of the MMM Flight Card has the basics: Jet Propulsion Pak, Sled, and how to fly them.
Mattel #6302-0920 Astro Trac
One of my favorite vehicles. Look here for the actual sticker placement. It's amazing to see the variation of sticker placement on examples found today.
Mattel #6304-0920 Space Crawler
One of the first MMM Instruction sheets, unusual in its use of red ink as the primary header scheme.
Sheet Back
Mattel #6308-0922 Space Station Outside Pages
Inside Pages...pgs 2 & 3
Mattel #6327-0920 Astro Trac Missile Convoy Set
This very rare sheet is pretty large. You'll need to either adjust the image size or cut-it-up to get it to print completely.
Sheet Back
Mattel #6330-1180 Captain Lazer
You'll need legal size paper to get all of this one.
Mattel #6331-0920 Callisto
As a note, this sheet came with the all white-carded Callisto usually found in the Space Discovery Set and the Lunar Base Command Set. It's basically a paper-sheet version of the Card back.
Mattel #6336 MMM w/Space Power Suit Package Back
This is a big image... you may need to download then cut it up to print.
Mattel #6337-0920 Space Mission Team
Basically the same sheet that came with Callisto but with a different header and the addition of the Space Sled Instruction.
Mattel #6339-0920 Uni-Tred & Space Bubble
These are slightly larger than a standard 8 1/2" x 11" ... you may need to adjust.
Inside Pages...pgs 2 & 3
Mattel #6340-0920 Firebolt Space Cannon
I especially like the images of Capt. Lazer sitting on the Firebolt.
Sheet Back
Mattel #6341-0920 Major Matt Mason
This small instruction sheet is fairly rare. I didn't even know of it's existence until several days ago when I was offered one (In conversation with Larry "Sharkman" Chinn, who also owns one...He recently acquired it with a very early Space Station & Space Crawler Super Action Set...that contained a white rubber Matt! When I questioned him about it, he thought it was a photocopy (reduced) of the back of the MMM Flight Card. Upon closer inspection, though, one can tell that the sheet is printed and not photocopied (there is a half tone screen on the word "Major" in the title that is virtually impossible to photocopy without moire...broken lines). We concluded that this sheet probably came with Matt in the earlier boxed packages instead of the white card with the same instructions printed on the back (printing on the back would speed up packing and save time...thus save money!). This one is copyrighted 1968).
Mattel #6342-4920 Gamma Ray Gard Pak
This instruction sheet was only available in the chip-boxed version of the Gamma Ray Gard.
Mattel #6344-0920 Space Power Suit
As a note, this sheet came with the Space Power Suit usually found in the Space Discovery Set. It was also included in the chip-box variation of the Space Power Suit. It's basically a paper-sheet version of the Card back.
Mattel #6345-0920 Space Bubble
The back of the sheet shows the various configurations of the Space Bubble.
Sheet Back
Mattel #6346-0920 Uni-Tred Space Hauler
You will probably have to adjust the print size.
Mattel #6351-0920 Capt. Lazer Firebolt Action Set
These are one of the hardest instructions to find.
Sheet Back
Mattel #6357-0920 Star Seeker
This is the original, black and white version. See below for the "Style A" color version.
Sheet Back

This sheet is giganitic, over 20 inches wide when unfolded. I've also saved the unassembled scans as segments:
Sheet Front part 1 | part 2 | part 3
Sheet Back part 4 | part 5 | part 6
Mattel #6357-0920 (A) Star Seeker (color version)
This version of the Star Seeker's instructions is in the form of an 8 page color booklet. I've dissembled mine into page-sized scans. Reassemble as a booklet and use two staples for the binding. Note that the printing of this example is off kilter.

Pages: Cover & 8 | 2 & 7 | 3 & 6 | 4 & 5
Mattel #6359-4920 Scorpio
If you've ever wanted to know how to get those search globes working, here's your chance!
XRG-1 Flight Path 53k Mattel #6360-0920 XRG-1 Flight Path Adjustment
This is another instruction sheet that I was unaware of (I believe that it is quite rare). I received it in a collection with the Glider. The sheet is titled: "How to Adjust Flight Path of XRG-1 Reentry Glider." It basically tells the flyer how to bend the trim tabs to make the glider fly to thr right or left, up or down. It was folded into a 1 1/2" x 3" rectangle, so it may have been inserted under the canopy with the sticker sheet.
Sheet Back
Mattel #6361 XRG-1 Re-entry Glider Package Back
This is a big one... you'll need to download and break it apart to print, or use a "fit on screen" selection if your printer has one.
Mattel #6386-0920 Star Seeker Walk in Space Set
This is small sheet that accompanied the Star Seeker instruction sheet for the Sears Exclusive set.
Sheet Back
Mattel Foreign Instruction Sheets

I really enjoy gathering foreign versions of the Major and his pals. It's interesting to see how Mattel's Man in Space is represented in foreign lands. The sheets below have been sent to me as scans from various contributors (primarily from Paul Vreede, who is also responsible for most of the content and translations within the foreign area of my website).

Mattel Canada Ltd.
Mattel Canadian #6304-0920 Space Crawler Front
Sheet Back
Mattel Canadian #6308-0920 Space Station
Inside Pages...pgs 2 & 3
Mattel Canadian #6331-0920 Callisto
The back is the same as the US version.
6346 Uni-tred & Space Bubble (French-Canadian version)
The French-Canadian version of the Uni-tred & Space Bubble, included for comparison.

Rosebud Mattel (British)
Mattel British #6308-0922 Space Station
Scans contributed by Paul Vreede.
Inside Pages...pgs 2 & 3
Mattel British #6340 Firebolt Space Lazer
Scans contributed by Paul Vreede.
Back Page
Mattel British #6345 Space Bubble Front
Back Page

Mattel Japanese Market
Mattel Japanese #6301 Moon Suit
The Japanese version of Moon Suit instructions. This instruction sheet was inside a small bag taped to the back of a US-version Moon Suit, apparently for the Japanese Marketplace. The KB logo seems to represent the distributor... there is little known about the distribution of Mattel items in Japan. I've also heard of versions where the Japanese instructions are glued to the back of the accessory card.

Mattel GMBH Spielzeug (German)
Mattel German #6304 Weltraum Spinne (Space Crawler)
Scans contributed by Paul Vreede.
Back Page
6346 Weltraum Transporter
The German market version of the Uni-tred, included for comparison.

Mattel French Market
Mattel French #6308 Base Spatiale (Space Station)
Scans contributed by Paul Vreede.
Inside Pages...pgs 2 & 3

Cipsa of Mexico Instruction Sheets
4926 Scorpio
The Mexican instructions are included for comparison only. Note the "Eveready Battery" promo in the corner.
Sheet Back
4925 Capsula Cosmica
The Mexican version of the Space Power Suit, included as a comparison to the US.
4929 Extensor de Podor
The Mexican version of the Supernaut Powerlimbs, included as a comparison to the US.
4952 Estación Espacial
The Mexican version of the Space Station, included as a comparison to the US.
Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4
4953 Camara Antigravedad
The Mexican version of the Unitred and Space Bubble, included as a comparison to the US.
Inside Pages
4955 Cañon Espacial
The Mexican version of the Firebolt Space Canon, included as a comparison to the US.
4993 Cripton
Included here as a comparison to the English version, Cripton was the Cipsa of Mexico version of Callisto's "Evil Twin."

All Mattel images and captions are copyright Mattel and used without permission. All other content, including images, and editorial, is Copyright © 1997-2018 John Eaton and/or contributors unless otherwise stated. Some media clips are used without permission but should be covered under fair-use Copyright laws or made available under public domain. If there are any comments or objections, please contact John Eaton via email, by clicking here.

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