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Major Matt Mason by Mattel GmbH Spielzeug

Mattel made an extensive investment in MMM for the German-speaking market. Many playsets and figures were available in German packaging beginning in 1968. The items appear to have been packaged in Germany as both the cardboard used (uncoated back stock) and the bubbles on blister cards were different. Another unusual variation is the reversed placement of figures on Cat Trac Cards (my thought is that this was a reflection of the Right Hand drive but I have no verification). The reversed placement appears to be more common on the German cards than not.
Mattel GmbH Spielzeug Logo
Mattel GmbH Spielzeug is Mattel's German subsidiary for importing & distributing products in Germany and associated markets (Austria, Switzerland).

GmbH stands for "Gesellschaft mit beschraenkter Haftung" which means "company with limited liability"; Spielzeug means "Toys"
Mattel Neuheiten 1968
I received this 8-page catalog from a toy dealer in Germany. It features Zaüber-Bluten® on the cover (Thingmaker Flowers), with various dolls, Hot Wheels, and two pages of Major Matt Mason! Also included were four pages of multi-copy order-forms.
Page 1 | Page 2 | Order Sheet
Mattel Neuheiten 1969
This 4-page catalog is similar to the 8-page from 1968. The cover is of an extensive Heisse Räder set-up (Hot Wheels) About three-quarters of one page featrues Major Matt Mason!
Page 2 | Detail View
Mattel GmbH Spielzeug Catalogs
Check out the German listings of Major Matt Mason, Mattel's Mann im Weltraum! The 1968 German Catalog reuses the MMM cover from the 1967 US Catalog!

6302-1110 Major Matt Mason Mattel's Mann Im Weltraum
Paul Vreede sent in these scans of the German-language catalog. Click the Front image on top for more information.
Art.Nr. 1-6346 Weltraum Transporter
The Mattel GmbH Spielzeug release of the Unitred. Basically the same vehicle, with German-graphics box and instructions. Most notable is the white insert, instead of the usual brown-cardboard and the Avery labels. Click the Thumb at left for details.
Art.Nr. 1-6330 Captain Laser
The Mattel GmbH Spielzeug release of Captain Laser. Note the name change... explanation of the change from Lazer to Laser on the following...

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